High-speed train from Erdogan to Nevsehir

The good news of high-speed train from Erdogan to Nevsehir: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the public in Nevsehir. Erdogan, who gave the good news of high speed train to Nevsehir, said, 'Antalya-Kayseri high speed train project will be implemented through Nevsehir'.

I greet you with my most heart feelings and send my love. I owe a gratitude to Nevşehir. In the August 10, 2014 elections, Nevşehir showed its difference once again with 64,4 percent of the votes it gave to my person.

  • Tomorrow, May 29, we will enthusiastically remember that beautiful commander and army that conquered Istanbul. Hopefully we are holding a giant conquest feast on May 30. We will do this under the auspices of the Presidency. You see the difference between being in the heart of the nation and being in front of the nation, right? We have always been trying to be in the heart of the nation. Have we ever embarrassed Nevşehir to date?
  • We were injured together with our nation, we were burned with our nation. We have been trying to prepare Nevşehir for 12 together with all our provinces for 2023 years. In the last 12 years, we have invested 4 quadrillion dollars in Nevşehir. We established a university in Nevşehir, and we named this university Hacı Bektaşı Veli.
  • Antalya-Kayseri high-speed train project will be implemented through Nevsehir. It will bring life to commerce and tourism.
  • When we look at the relationship between coalitions and national income since 1983, when the deceased Özal came to power in 1983, the amount per capita increased to $ 1765, at the end of 1991, this figure increased to $ 2. The reason for this is the only party. As of 800, let alone increase, it fell to $ 2002. There's been going back in the past 3500 years with a coalition. During my 10 years of prime ministry, we increased the national income to 12 dollars. So a full 10-fold increase. Do you know how we brought this wealth, thanks to stability and trust. 500 banks collapsed before us, the loss was $ 3 billion. You know who's in power, right? There is no such thing as nationalism. Nationalism happens with service to this country.
  • We became the 17th largest economy in the world. We are hosting the G20 meeting in November. We jumped Turkey with infrastructure and superstructure investments. While there were 79 thousand 6 kilometers of roads in 100 years, we made 12 thousand 17 kilometers of divided roads in 600 years. There were 26 airports, now 55th. Turkey, we introduced the fast train. But now there are 1213 kilometers of train lines.
  • In 1998, you know me because of a poem ... you know what? The owner of this poem, Ziya Gökalp, is also the idol of Atatürk. Divine speech comes from the mihrab, salute from the bottomless sky, neither money nor stamp, Islam of the peace comes to the hearts. Dear brothers and sisters, unfortunately, many things are not understood in this country.

  • This was the entrance to my speech, so here it became known. What they said, cannot be a headman. When my nation made me the prime minister and the president, this time they put my picture on the execution title to the elected president with 52 percent following Menderes. They are cunning, they say we did not. Be honest, be man, be man. Your money will never save you from that account on that big account day. Accounts there are no wonder. Bribery does not pass there. There is no corruption, the scale weighs very honestly.

  • This was not enough, they activated abroad. We are going to challenge the president comes out to wow sir challenged to protect the gains of Turkey. Of course I will go to the squares. I am the president, and the republic will take over our rights while taking me to this post, he said. I have to explain this. You are viewing CHP, MHP, HDP. We came from these squares. Because I have a side, I am on my side. I am equal to every party, but a lion lies in my heart.

  • New Turkey, the new constitution and presidential system, I will share with the nation. Of course, they entered the alliance. In fact, this alliance has existed from the very beginning, but it has expanded for the first time. It was so specific. Parallel organization with the divisive organization was together. Political engineering is already in the genes of the main opposition, the nationalist party has taken its place in this alliance. The divisor also appointed the prince as the party leader backed by the organization. They work together. I mean, they got a pop star. He s playing well, he has good sound.

  • 200 intellectuals publish unified papers. They have never been on the side of the values ​​of my nation's history. They've always been against the nation.



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