ETicaret2015 Conference Held

ETicaret2015 Conference Held: The ETicaret2015 Conference held the pulse of the eCommerce industry with over 500 participants and valuable panelists.
ETicaret2015, the third of the e-commerce conferences held annually by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, was held at Silence Hotel & Convention Center on May 500, 14 in cooperation with Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Türk Ekonomi Bankası and EticaretSEM with more than 2015 participants this year.
The conference was moderated by TV Programmer and Author Metin Uca, and the opening speeches were given by Cengiz Kaya, Vice Chairman of İSO Foundation, and Ruhi Engin Özmen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Beykoz Logistics Vocational School.
The E-Commerce Sector is an Important Threat for Shopping Centers
In his opening speech, Cengiz Kaya, Vice Chairman of the ISO Foundation, mentioned the increasing importance of the e-commerce sector in the world. Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Board of Trustees President Ruhi Engin Özmen the Beykoz Logistics School as School of eCommerce will contribute to the logistics sector in Turkey, noting that behind every organization, "City Logistics is now today with the concept of night logistics eCommerce came to a very important place. The development of the e-commerce sector has become a threat even for shopping malls today. Et
The Restaurant Restaurant Has Begun
Keynote speaker was Master Chef Murat Bozok. Bozok, now that we're in the restaurant-restaurant period, the innovations brought to the food sector in the world shared with the participants, gave examples of how to use the etiquette in restaurants.
Caravanseras created new earnings gate
One of the 5 panels at the conference was Logistics. Moderator of the Logistics Panel Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Director of BLUARM Dr. Okan Tuna, Unsped CEO Dr. Hakan Çınar, General Manager of Eta Transportation, Hamdi Erçelik, Bukoli Business Development Manager Hakan Arıkan and Webnak CTO Umut Gökbayrak.
traditional business models of new business models in e-commerce logistics market in Turkey yet more force, but was approved by a panel of speakers is in a great development. In particular, it was explained that the density of cargo traffic of the plaza employees in big cities prevented doing business and therefore the delivery of most plazas was prohibited. The panel mentioned that various business models have been developed in this regard and stated that the tradesmen will be the cargo delivery point by mentioning the system, which allows traders to be used as a delivery point where cargoes can be delivered at evening hours and at weekends.
Investor Looking for More Entrepreneurs from the Idea
Metin Uca was moderated by Aslanoba Capital Founder Hasan Aslanoba, Chairman of Keiretsu Forum Aydonat Atasever, CEO Mehmet Metin Okur and TEB Enterprise Banking Manager İbrahim Çoşkuner. Investors stated that it was not difficult to find finance for projects with an accelerated or successful idea, while some investors agreed that some investors in the idea stage invested in accelerated projects.
Investors who stated that it is difficult to live and develop rather than performing the initiative, stated that entrepreneurial qualifications have come to the forefront in recent years and entrepreneurial characteristics have begun to be questioned as well as the initiatives of the entrepreneur.
Jobs Have to Move Mobile Now
In the E-Commerce panel moderated by Metin Uca, the speakers were Gittigidiyor General Manager Gülfem Toygar, Markafoni CEO İlker Baydar, Ticimax CEO Cenk Çiğdemli and Tazedirekt CMO Aslıhan Ulutaş.
Speakers talked about the necessity of the mobilization of traditional trade and gave speakers to those who wanted to enter the sector. Know where you want to go, wait patiently, send quality products, keep customer experience at the top, start long-term business plan when starting work, select your team carefully, rather than save the day, build an infrastructure to follow your growth with you.
Eighth Chakra Entrepreneurship
Speaking at the conference, Endeavor Secretary General Didem Altop stated that the eighth chakra is the entrepreneurial chakra of the human body. Describing the must-do of successful entrepreneurship, Altop said, olmak Business idea, organization and application skills, predicting the road map, being at peace with it, open mindedness, innovative approach should be for entrepreneurship. Başar
You need to be an intelligent madman for success in entrepreneurship
TEB is moderated by Vice President Turgut Boz his guests Entrepreneurship Panel is a success story with attempts by Turkey's young entrepreneurs Chain
CEO Kemal Apaydın, OBSS CEO Zafer Şen, Insider CEO Hande Çilingir and Parasut CTO Andaç Türkmen. In order to be successful, entrepreneurship is a kind of madness and it is necessary to be a smart insane who has a good business idea. For the sustainable growth of enterprises, it was discussed to open up markets where there is no competition and to associate the company employees with the company through partnership.
Payment Systems Power to Eticarete
The moderator of the Payment Systems Panel, moderated by TV Producer Atıf Ünaldı, was the CEO of İninal, Çelik Ören, Digital Planet CEO Erdinç Börekoğlu, Paypal's Executive Vice President Cenap Doğru, and CEO of İyzico Barbaros Özbugutu.
It was mentioned that the payment systems are an important pillar of the e-commerce sector and the systems that enable people who are out of the banking system to benefit from the payment systems are discussed.
Speakers stated that mobile payment systems are becoming increasingly important and that payment systems are mostly preferred by young people under 18 for purchases and purchases from sites abroad.



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