350 million euro investment in Erciyes fruit

Erciyes'den 350 million euros to invest fruit: Erciyes Mountain launched for the 350 million euros in the scope of the giant companies will invest in the hotel 21, the bed capacity of the mountain will rise to a thousand thousand.

Companies in the scope of investment giant launched 350 million euros in investments in Turkey all the land because it belongs to a single institution for Mount Erciyes in a much more advantageous position compared to other mountain lined up to 21 hotel investment. With the hotels to be established by companies such as Doğuş, Kibar Holding-Birlik Mensucat, Maxima, Marmara Group and Dinler, the number of hotels on Mount Erciyes will be 28 and the bed capacity will be 6.

Erciyes Tourism Center project, the total size of which will find 350 million, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Kayseri Erciyes, Inc.'s General Manager Murat Cahit Cıngı said that so far 170 million spent.

According to Cıngı, the length of the 102 kilometer is completed and the runway length will increase to 200 kilometers and Erciyes will be born. Erciyes'ın 2005 in the Metropolitan Municipality Law enacted by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri in the scope of the task of representing Cıngı, said that the only authorized institution has become a municipality. Cıngı voicing be another mountain in Turkey, especially in this context that the major reconstruction problems experienced in Uludağ, Erciyes told in this sense is very advantageous.

A new destination, including Cappadocia

Erciyes'in used for the international competition in terms of runway length advantage they use and last year, said that a European Cup Cıngı, they attach great importance to this issue, only the artificial snow machine invested 7 million euros, he said.

Stressing that they do not consider Erciyes Tourism Center as a single tourism region, Cıngı said that they plan to create a destination including Cappadocia region as well as the overall potential of Kayseri. Murat Cahit Cıngı stated that the tourists going to the Cappadocia region used Kayseri Airport but did not visit Kayseri. Ve We recommend 1 weekly packages to the tourism companies for the triple destination where Kayseri-Erciyes and Cappadocia are located Hal.

When they started working to make Erciyes Mountain an important ski resort, Cıngı stated that they agreed with two leading consulting companies in Europe and that one of them put into practice the 2 annual report.

21 hotel land sold

Cıngı stated that the buildings turned into hotels with the privatization of public guest houses in Erciyes have a capacity of one thousand beds. After receiving the title of the 26 million square meter area, they sold 5 hotels with 21 thousand bed capacity. Cıngı hotels, among them Doğuş, Kibar-Birlik Mensucat, Xperia, Yayla Construction, told the companies that Marmara Group will do.

Saying that they want to turn Erciyes into a congress center like Davos at the same time, Murat Cahit Cıngı said, “It is impossible to find a place for the congress in provinces such as Antalya in summer, Istanbul was filled until 2017. We will turn Erciyes into an alternative congress center. A congress center for 3 thousand people will be built ”

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