Elvan, Our first job Alanya-Antalya motorway

Elvan, Our first job is the Alanya-Antalya highway: AK Party Deputy and MP candidate Hüseyin Samani, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel and AK Party Provincial Chairman Rıza Sümer visited Antalya Wholesaler Hal early in the morning and the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. and Lütfi Elvan, candidate for AK Party deputy in Antalya, met with tradesmen. "One of our most important projects is the highway we will build between Antalya and Alanya," Elvan said in his speech here.
12 year, the AK Party, the support given to farmers in the period of full support for the 7 floor increased Elvan, on the one hand the farmer interested in every one-to-one interest on the other, on the other hand to increase productivity in agricultural production to give great importance to irrigation investments, he said. Elvan, et In parallel with irrigation investments, we made the necessary efforts to make the drip irrigation systems more widespread. Turkey 12 in Europe in agricultural production. He was first in line. There was a significant increase in our exports. The agricultural production value was over $ 20 billion dollars. Turkey farming is really one of the most successful developed and developing countries when compared with other countries. One of the most important studies on agriculture is the new Hal law. This law allows us to work more comfortably especially with our tradesmen. Hep said Lütfi Elvan, who pointed out that transportation is always the most important problem in the polls about Antalya and said ile When it was the case, we had to fill our projects about transportation to Heybemız ım. Noting that there is a serious loss in Antalya's 60-2009 period, Elvan said kayb We wanted to make a crossroad junction as the Ministry of Transport. He did not allow the mayor of that period. We have to abandon these understandings. But God thank God Menderes Mayor became Mayor, we also relaxed, relaxed in Antalya. Now we're working together. 2014 are making crossroads at different locations. By the end of May we will open a few. One of them will be the Hal Junction. These are not hard jobs for the AK Party. As long as they don't lock us up. Which are making a go of AK municipalities important things together central government and if you go with, but where there is a municipal there problem of the opposition, "the expression of kullandı.xnumx June elections in Turkey xnumx'lı- said it was extremely important to return to the dark days in xnumx'l year Elven "Turkey's peace, we need to continue to support the economic development of the AK Party," he said.
Referring to the studies on transportation infrastructure in Antalya, Elvan said: mal We are making the West Ring Road. We will make the opening of the 6 kilometer section before the election. We start the construction of the Northern Ring Road. We're going to bid on this month's 11. We will start the construction of the 37 kilometer. Our goal is to train the way to EXPO. We will use all our facilities. If the tender processes are completed without any problems, we will be trained. We are making new roads especially for transportation. We are raising the standard of existing roads. One of the most important projects is the highway between Antalya and Alanya is very important. 2002 6100 at the end of the establishment of the Republic until the split road length was 12 kilometers. We've made the 17 thousand 750 miles a year while 2016 has traveled. We've increased the standard. We're building highways now. The first highway we will do is Antalya-Alanya. We will be auctioned in the first half of 24. We are doing tunnel work in different locations on the road between Antalya and Mersin. This year we will open the 6 tunnel. We quickly call resume to work between Antalya and Mersin. When we complete this 50 kilometer, a completely divided road between Mersin and Antalya will be provided with a road infrastructure that will provide transportation with tunnels. Çok
Lütfi Elvan, the former Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications, who is also making statements on the third airport in Antalya, planned to be built in West Antalya, and the candidate of AK Party Antalya deputy, stated that the airport to be built in West Antalya is of great importance in order to enable the shipment of agricultural products in this region by airplane. told. Elvan, 7 May will work on the determination of a delegation from the Ministry said. Elvan, the work related to the study on the airport and the project will be completed as soon as the studies said.
Elvan said that one of the most important priorities in Antalya would be to increase the standard of the roads. We start the works of Finike-Demre-Kas-Kalkan road. Again, we are making Alacabel tunnel with a length of 7.4 kilometers from Antalya on Akseki via Manavgat. Especially in winter, truckers will not experience the troubles he / she experienced, the roads will no longer be closed. We are going to tender in May. This road extending from Konya where we call Gembos Plain through Beyşehir from Taşağıl to Konya is continuing intensively. 5 is a Demirkapi tunnel with kilometers of length. We completed the 1600 meter. It will be a very comfortable way especially for truckers. A road without too many ramps and bends. By the end of the 2016 you will have reached Konya via Taşağıl son.
Lütfi Elvan said that the new arrangements will be made on the road that connects Antalya to Burdur and also about Çubukbeli and Çeltikçikçibeli. B We will make two different tunnels. We're gonna make sure our truckers get rid of that tough road. We're going to go through the tunnel now. There is a road from Alanya Mahmutlar to Karaman-Konya. There is also the 5 tunnel. We're opening in June. We are raising the standard of the road. When the work is completed, he will use the road in trucks and trucks. We're going to split the road between Korkuteli and Apple. Antalya will no longer have problems in transportation and access, Antalya he said.

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