The world's giant CSR, CSR factory in Turkey, MNG yi RayHabere (Special News)

The world's giant CSR, CSR factory in Turkey, MNG yi RayHabere: CSR-MNG Rail System Tools Co. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. According to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., established in the People's Republic of China, the world's leading rail system vehicle manufacturer. Ltd. MAPA Construction and Trade with the company MNG Holding in Turkey. Inc. by Ankara Chamber of Industry 1. (Sincan) Organized Industrial Zone 108 thousand m2 area was established.

CSR-MNG Rail System Tools San. And Tic. Ltd. STI (CSR-MNG) production facility carries a first of its kind in Turkey in its sector. Factory not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East and the Balkans is the first and only example of its type. The production facility is located on the 108.000 m2 area to be completed in two stages. With the first completed phase, CSR-MNG has the capacity and capability to include 200 units of high-tech subway vehicles and 100 pieces of locomotive production and factory dynamic tests. With the completion of the second phase, the CSR-MNG will produce other parts that may be required, as well as the annual 150 pieces rail vehicle tool will have created a capacity for heavy maintenance, repair and renovation work.

The company's main production area is the production and maintenance of Rail System Vehicles for different needs such as Intercity Suburban Train Sets, Light Rail System Vehicles (HRS), Locomotives, Magnetic Rail Vehicles, Supercapacitors HRS and Trams and High Speed ​​Train Sets.

CSR-MNG has already undertaken the production of Ankara Metro Project Vehicles. Currently, the Chinese and Turkish engineers in the factory carry out training, know-how transfer and production activities in coordination. it is not like before the production plants in Turkey are outstanding. One of the most important of them began to be observed already contributed to the development of yet and still CSR-neither private nor Turkey of such a facility none.This production facilities in public enterprises outside MNG factory Rail Industry Metro Truck Body Manufacturing hattı.türkiye. special production processes owned by the other Party without CSRMNG factory, such as DB and SNCF conditioned bonding processes practice facility, one of the criteria and dynamic test line, CSR-mng'n the particular objectives of the World Rail Systems market from Turkey, Europe, Middle East, our country by exporting to African countries in 2023 to contribute to the export target.

CSR-MNG company of Turkey has established contact with the industry on the xnumx'n in every region, the field has made visits and contracts for the supply of the different components with the industry gerçekleştirmiştir.sözleş on established only supply-demand relations with the signing of the suppliers, but also the requirements of the Rail Industry CSR-MNG also provided them with a training and consultancy process to meet their needs. Current parts of suppliers in Turkey in Ankara Metro Project tools are used and this process is continuing day by day making new contracts. In addition ; CSR China power of the market and located other exponents in the supply network of the Company's firms, CSR-MNG establishment of the Company and through continuous technical and commercial visit to Turkey as an investment with the commissioning of the new factory is izlemlen began to create a different potential in Turkey.

CSR-MNG Company is a pioneer in the field of social responsibility, supporting power to be the development of the rail transport sector in Turkey, supporting the Turkey market, Middle East, Africa and the expansion of the European market and users of technology, quality, aims to offer innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles.

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