Dundar Rail System Will Fly the District

Dundar Rail System will Fly the District: The third of this year, Wednesday Book Fair was held with the participation of a large participation. Wednesday Opening Mayor Hüseyin Dündar, Çarşamba Governor Caner Yıldız, Provincial Director of National Education Aytekin Girgin, Vice Rector of 19 Mayıs University. Dr. Şenol Eren and the Medical Director Mustafa Selçuk, the candidates of the political parties and citizens attended. Speaking before the opening of President Dündar, 'Wednesday, will be the pupil of Samsun' he said.

Wednesday Mayor Hüseyin Dündar said that they made very important investments in the district and changed the face of Wednesday with social and cultural activities in every sense. Dundar: 'This year, the interest shown in our book fair 3.unu made me very pleased. These are a clear indication of the development of our district in every field as well as social and cultural activities in the future by doing important and successful services in our district will continue, "he said.

Dündar said that they have taken important steps to integrate Wednesday with Samsun and that the light rail system which will come up to Tekkeköy in the near future will be brought together with Çarşamba. If this happens, our district will have a full meeting with Samsun and Wednesday will come to the high points it deserves. Our investments are obvious, what we do. This will continue to work hard to do more than enough to do 'he said.

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