Durmazlar R & D of the machine

Durmazlar Makina
Durmazlar Makina

Durmazlar Machinery's indispensable R&D: global player of the Turkish machinery industry Durmazlar The machine exports 80 percent of its production. Turkey 120 STOP Company's name to its brand in the country announcing to the world

Making its first export in 1975 Durmazlar Machinery increased its export figure to over $ 110 million. Under this success Durmazlar's strong R&D structure lies in the management of a family business where nearly 60 years of experience and values ​​are preserved in the sector. DurmazlarWith its R&D center established in 2010, it takes its place among the firsts in its sector. Durmazlar Machinery Inc. Management Board Chairman Huseyin Durmaz, R & D, demonstrates the importance they attach to a maximum of the last 3 years to be among the top 10 companies engaged in patent applications in Turkey. 75 people work in the R&D department who make improvements for both the rail systems and the machine department. Building its vision of the future on machinery and rail systems Durmazlar The machine is also the producer of the Silkworm, the world's 7th tram brand. producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm Durmazlar The machine also stands out as an important player in the localization of rail transportation vehicles. Durmazlar 6 vehicle produced by and used by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in urban transportation 1,5 has been working on Bursa roads for years.

The product range includes one-way tram, two-way tram and light rail underground vehicle called 'Green City'. DurmazlarAnnual production capacity of 100 vehicles. Durmazlar Finally, it won the tender for 60 wagons and 12 trams held by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in February. Targeting the global market with its DURMARAY brand Durmazlaralso has collaborations in this field. Producing high-speed train bogies and exporting them abroad DurmazlarIn this way, technology transfer by providing high value-added products export. Durmazlarhas a cooperation agreement with Aselsan in development projects of transportation vehicles. Critical electrical-electronic systems to be included in tram, metro, regional train and high-speed projects developed by Aselsan within the scope of the agreement, Durmazlar to be integrated into the rail transportation vehicles developed by.


urban rail transport market in Turkey until 2023, 6 thousand metro, tram 500, light rail as 350 pieces. The monetary value of this need reaches 14,7 billion dollars with imported vehicles. The local content of 60 per cent to $ 9,6 billion believers of this production can be done in Turkey Durmazlarcontinues its efforts to create a national brand and to increase its domesticity day by day.



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