Hot asphalt works continue in Denizli

Hot asphalt works continue in Denizli: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has been performing second floor asphalt works on 320 kilometers in last year, continues its hot asphalt works this year.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams started to work on the hot asphalt at Şirinköy Street. Mayor Osman Zolan, about 5 thousand tons of asphalt will be poured Şirinköy Street examined the work. Mayor Zolan was accompanied by Ali Aydın, Head of the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Zolan received information about the works and replaced the paver operator and used the asphalt paver shortly.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they made great progress in terms of transportation needs with the second floor asphalt work they carried out in the neighborhoods of the districts last year and that this year they started hot asphalt works in the districts as well as in the center of Denizli. President Zolan said, “We have only one problem: to serve. To cure the problems of our citizens and to fulfill their wishes as soon as possible. When we look at the distance we have come in a year, we have touched many places. We have solved many problems that are said to be unsolvable. We learned. We have made an effort to be a solution to despair. We will continue to work day and night, as we did before. Denizli kazanyeast will continue,” he said.

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