Demre meets hot asphalt

Demre meets hot asphalt: ANTALYA Metropolitan Municipality started a hot asphalt work in Demre District. Roads that are full of holes due to the sewage and drinking water network in Demre started to be covered with hot asphalt.
In Demre, especially after the complaints of the tourism professionals, the road work was started by the Metropolitan Municipality. During the asphalting work in Demre, a total of 10 kilometers of road will be covered with hot asphalt. In the works to spend approximately 3.5 million liras, asphalt will be poured on the courtyards of Myra Ancient City, Karabucak Mahallesi, Lise Caddesi, Çapar Sokak, Büyük Kum Mahallesi connecting Demre to the beach. The works were followed by Demre Mayor Süleyman Topçu, Metropolitan Municipality Demre Coordinator Veli Sertbaş and Ak Party District President Bayram Arıcı.
Demre Coordinator Veli Sertbaş said, “Demre meets hot asphalt for the first time. We know that our citizens are victims in the winter due to infrastructure works. As the weather gets better, our roads are like a slide and become a child. In Turkey, the usual hot asphalt thickness of 5 santimk Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, pour the hot asphalt thickness of 10 inches, "he said.




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