Çukurca Bridge Launched

Çukurca Bridge Opened to Service: Çukurca Bridge, which was completed by the Forest Management Directorate, was opened with a ceremony.
Governor of the ceremony Orhan Alimoğlu, Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci, deputy candidate Sedat Namal, Garrison Commander Gendarmerie Senior Colonel Samit Tokmak, Provincial Police Chief Serhat Tezsever, Provincial Assembly Speaker Hasan Yildirim, Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Mehmet Uzun, Forest Operations Manager Mehmet Emin Uzunsoy , Heads of the General Directorate, Members of the Provincial Assembly, President and members of NGOs, Village and Neighborhood Headmen and villagers attended.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 25 meter-long, 5 meter-wide bridge, Governor Orhan Alimoğlu said: ün When we look around, we see that this region is a very beautiful place. The book says that heaven is such a beautiful place. But at every opportunity I try to draw six, I want to emphasize the point with a little soil, we need to increase the intimacy of nature. There are many beautiful vegetables and fruits growing around here, our forests are already formed. From time to time I visit my city center lady in the front of their homes in the 20 m2 area I see a lot of crops grow, "100 square meters, I'll make a living," he says. We need to take this lesson from here, let us know the value of our lands, our villages. Our villages no longer have no deprivation, we also strive not to. This bridge, Forest Management Directorate, the State Water Works and the Special Provincial Administration have done in cooperation. Already the state is a whole, all organizations are part of this whole. Our peasants should know that what is right, what is right, we do everything useful, let's not fear the soil. According to the doctors, people work, work hard to sweat is healthy. Whoever eats from the products, is healthy. So let us know the value of these villages, these lands, let us not break our contact with the land. Patriotism is a little love and leave our village is not wrong to say I guess. I would like to thank all our colleagues who contributed to the construction of this bridge. I hope that our bridge will be auspicious and auspicious to Çukurca village and Karabük province. Kö
Osman Kahveci, a member of the AK Party deputy member of Karabük and MP, said that they had ended a story and said i We ended a story here. As you know, such needs are spoken for years; but it ends one day. This bridge event was also discussed in our Karabük and our government is finished with a strong economy. As these are finished, our new villagers are waiting for a new dam, if a dam has been built there, a bridge is said to be done by our state. Needs are answered individually. Çukurca village needed such a bridge. When this matter was transferred to me, I was a member of parliament and I had adopted the program of the Forest Organization due to my knowledge of the legislation. A citizen donated his land, the Forestry organization made the bridge as the main backbone, the Provincial Special Administration filled the feet, the State Hydraulic Works. These works are the best examples of state nation cooperation. The state put his hand, the people put his hand and revealed that the beautiful service came out. Now our residents of Çukurca Village had a second demand. He also wanted to cross the railroad. We talked with State Railways and the problem will be solved completely in the coming days. We are temporary; but to leave a pleasant voice in this celestial dome. Who passed by; but we are in trouble to leave a good memory. We are your desires for our hearts, and we are happy for you. I know where our children go through the wooden bridge here; but now this problem has been eliminated. our peasants, forest organization, Special Provincial Administration will be useful for every institution, this bridge will be beneficial to all our fellow citizens, kö he said.
After the speeches, the Orhan Alimoğlu and the members of the protocol cut the ribbon and opened the Çukurca Bridge.

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