I need a freight train before Çoruma

Before Çoruma, we need a freight train: MHP Çorum 1. Vahit Kayrıcı Vahit Kayrıcı, a candidate for parliament, said that the priority need of Çorum was not a high-speed train, but a freight train. Speaking at the visit of the Commodity Exchange Chairman Ali Bektas yesterday yesterday,'n Çorum should have connections to the sea and different cities of Anatolia so that the industry can develop. Ticaret

Nationalist Movement Party Candidates of the Çorum Parliament continue their visits to different institutions within the scope of election studies.
MHP Provincial Chairman Bekir Cetin Candidates Candidates Vahit Kayrıcı, Sami Çam and Ali Akcan, yesterday respectively Çorum Commodity Exchange, Police Center Çarşı Amirliği, Çorum Municipality Vegetable and Fruit Market, Tractor and Agricultural Appliances Galericiler Sitesi and Intercity Bus Station and representatives of the institutions and tradesmen.

Speaking during the visit MHP Çorum 1. MP Vahit Kayrıcı, the candidate of the parliament, emphasized that Çorum has not received enough investment during the 13 annual AKP government. Arı Çorum has not received the value of the government until now. They say the train is fast. The fast train is sure to come, but it is the freight train that matters to us. We cannot invest in Çorum if we cannot connect to the sea and various parts of Anatolia from Çorum. Let the freight train come to our factories and industry. Aside from the airport pickup, Merzifon Airport should ask the public accountants who cannot print the name Çorum. If a city's airport and railway are missing, it would be difficult to get investment in that city. In the June elections of the 7 people of Çorum should say stop this trend. X

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