Chemical weed struggle on the railway route

Chemical weed struggle will be made on the railway route: Batman Governor's Office announced that chemical spraying will be done along the State Railways route.

Spraying along train tracks.

Batman Governorate, on the application of spraying on the railway route, the application of spraying animals in the field warned.

Batman Governor's statement, the railway route between 25 May and 04 June in order to protect the cleanliness of the ballast chemical weed will be struggling, the animals should not be introduced into the field of spraying said.

In the statement made, “The railway routes between Narlı - Malatya, Malatya - Kurtalan, Yolçatı - Tatvan, Malatya - Çetinkaya and Van - Kapıköy stations, which are the task area of ​​the State Railways Administration Malatya 5th Regional Directorate, were chemical weed control will be made. " The statement said.

In the continuation of the statement, "In terms of safety of life and property, animals should not be allowed in the areas where spraying will be done." warned.


Günceleme: 03/12/2018 17:40

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