Catastrophic accident in Istanbul

Disastrous accident in Istanbul! The tram car mowed the car: The tram collided with the car trying to cross the tramway in Güngören in red light. With the crash, the tram that took the car under and dragged 25 meters stopped with difficulty. 2 people trapped in the vehicle divided into two were rescued by firefighters and sent to the hospital.

Event, Mehmet Akif Street occurred on the evening 18.30 ranks. Allegedly, the red light in the opposite direction via the tram road to cross the road 34 FU 7786 plate car in the direction of Güngören direction collided with the tram. Under the impact of the impact of the tram, the 25 meter was able to stop after the drift. Accidentally divided in two cars in a woman 2 person was stuck in the vehicle.

The first intervention was made by the citizens in the vicinity. After the incident, the fire crews from the scene after the rescue of both wounded, delivered to the health teams. After the first intervention in the scene, wounded people Bakirkoy. Sadi Guest Training and Research Hospital.

After the tram stops, long queues occurred in the vehicle traffic. Police teams from the scene launched an investigation into the accident.



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