Çanakkale Bosphorus Crossing Bridge project flew land prices

Çanakkale Bosphorus Crossing Bridge project flew land prices: Çanakkale Bosphorus Crossing Bridge project, which will be the longest suspension bridge in the world, has exploded the prices of the surrounding lands.
Çanakkale Bosphorus Crossing Bridge project is preparing to make a million millionaire villagers with large lands on the route.
With the finalization that the Bosphorus Bridge, which will connect Europe and Asia, will be built on the Gelibolu-Lapseki route, the land movements in the region have accelerated.
While the land prices went up to the 3 floor, some of the villagers were waiting to buy their land inexpensively. Some landowners also sought out customers by turning prices in dollars into dollars.
Altın Real Estate General Manager Hakan Erilkun stated that Lapseki, which attracts attention due to its proximity to Gallipoli and Çanakkale, which has been flooded by thousands of people due to its historical importance, and Lapseki, said: “At the same time, because it is on the route of the bridge, all real estate types are rapidly changing hands now. One of our dealers, who undertook the sale of a land of 224 decares in Lapseki Yeniceköy, witnessed that the land owner who wanted 600 thousand TL before the bridge increased this amount to 600 thousand dollars after the bridge. Currently, the most popular properties in Çanakkale are lands with large square meters. Investors prefer to own land instead of housing. In Gelibolu and Lapseki, we are witnessing that a land changes hands twice in a week. "
Erilkun said they thought the movement would continue.


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