Çan-Çanakkale Ring Road studies continue

The Çan-Çanakkale Ring Road studies are in progress: The Çan-Çanakkale ring road works in the Çan district of Çanakkale continue. The Çan-Çanakkale ring road work is continuing in Çan district of Çanakkale.
With the help of Çan Municipality's initiatives and related institutions and authorities, it is planned that the Çan-Çanakkale route, which was started by 3 weeks ago, will start from the Kocabaş Bridge to the Çan-Yenice-Çanakkale junction until the end of June. In addition to the road construction works, the telegraph works starting from the Biga-Çan direction and the entrance point of the city will continue until the Çan-Yenice-Çanakkale intersection. In addition to these efforts, the District Police Department will also conduct traffic lighting at the Çan Closed Prison-Çan State Hospital junction. After the completion of the studies, greening of the median median studies will be done. Greening works will also be conducted by the Çan Municipality with an automatic irrigation system. When all the work is over, the city's entry-exit gates will have a nice and regular look.
Mayor Abdurrahman Kuzu, who made a statement about the ring road and its works, said, ı The cities we live for are as important as the houses we live in. The more we look at our home, the more beautiful it is and the more comfort we have, the same applies to our cities. For these reasons, we have been born and grew, we still live in our beautiful district of the Bell, 6 for years, what we have done before, we have done, we will continue to do. For this reason, besides our local resources, we have tried to provide many services to our district from the resources of our government so far. Again with our efforts and efforts in the recent period, after the completion of the works of the highways, the highway will be completed with the works of highways, middle municipality as Çan Municipality, and automatic irrigation and greening works will be started. All of our citizens living and living in our district, during this work we give a series of disturbance, but all this is done, both in the comfort of the environment, as well as landscaping and greening the district will have a much more beautiful view of the district. Therefore, we expect some patience and tolerance from our people. After that, we will continue to enjoy living here together. Sonr

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