Highway response to Can't

Highway response to Can't Do: AK Party's team captain in Antalya, Lütfi Elvan, responded to the criticism of the opposition's 'not possible' with highway projects
Antalya meets highway roads with the project initiated by the initiatives of former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Candidate of Antalya Deputy Lütfi Elvan. Antalya will breathe in highway transportation with highway projects prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
Couldn't HAN?
Highways are among the projects that the AK Party's team captain and Antalya Deputy Candidate and ex-Minister Elvan announced but the CHP Antalya Deputy candidates criticized with the policy of "You cannot do" instead of producing projects. In response to criticism of the opposition, it was determined that the projects Elvan announced were included in the program, not in words, and studies began.
Details of Antalya-Afyonkarahisar Motorway, which is the most important project that will breathe Antalya on the national road network, have been revealed one by one. The highway, which will have a total length of 278 km, will include 21 viaducts of 27 km length and 3.6 tunnels of 2 km re length.
The total length of the highway will be 132 kilometers in the project of connecting Ankara and Izmir to Antalya and Alanya by the AK Party Antalya Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan. The project will include 13 tunnels of 4 kilometers in length and 2.5 viaducts of 2 kilometers in length.
The third highway to Antalya, which will experience a transportation move unprecedented in the history of the Republic, will be the Aydın-Denizli- Antalya Highway. On this highway, the total length of which will be 132 kilometers, there will be 13 tunnels with a length of 4 kilometers and 2.5 viaducts with a length of 2 kilometers.

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