Terror of landslides in Bursa ... Road closed to traffic

📩 24/12/2018 16:28

Landslide horror in Bursa ... Road closed to traffic: Police teams trying to block the road from traffic due to a landslide in Bursa saved their lives. When the police teams closed the road with the lane and returned the drivers, tons of rock pieces that had broken off the mountain fell on the road where the cops were. Police teams calling out to avoid citizens, do not stop here, have returned from death. The highway connecting Bursa to the mountain districts such as Orhaneli and Keles and Tavsanli and Kutahya was closed to traffic due to the landslide.
The rock fragments, which were broken with a big noise, partially blocked the highway. Nevertheless, it was seen that some of the drivers tried to ignore their lives and pass by. Notice on the incident from the police teams to cut the traffic on the road with two-way strip wanted to close.
However, a large mass of police teams when the drivers stopped and rolled back from the mountain began to roll to the area where the police. To escape the citizens on the escape to escape the lives of the teams calling at the last minute to survive under the rocks. Police teams working with great sacrifice accompanied the remaining drivers one by one and transferred to the safe zone.
Citizens in some houses located on the Bursa - Orhaneli Highway front of the historical Misi Village, which is included in the United Nations Cultural Heritage, had to evacuate their homes with the concern of life safety. Citizens in the tea garden on the edge of Misi Creek had to leave the tea gardens after a landslide with a great noise.
Some business owners operating in the same region started to work at noon, but because no action was taken, highways and municipal crews blasted. Crossings are not allowed on the road where the landslide is expected to continue until morning.

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