Bursa City Square-Terminal Tram Line Stations

Bursa City Square-Terminal Tram Line Stations: Construction of the line that will connect the city center and its close vicinity with the Intercity Bus Terminal by rail system starts this summer.
With 10 June…
The construction work is being tendered.
The new tram line, starting with the Town Square, will provide full integration with the light rail and tram lines.
It will go from Yalova Road to the 11 station. The construction of the 800 day period is envisaged.
The 9 thousand 445 meters of the total length of 8 thousand 415 meters, the main line where the voyages will be made and the thousand 30 meters will be used as a warehouse parking area.
The scope of the construction tender…
In addition to the stations, 3 railway bridge and 2 highway bridge, 6 transformers and 1 storage area will be built on the streams.
By the end Süre
Bursa-made Silkworm trams will be seen on the way to Intercity Bus Terminal with its increasing importance, role and capacity in public transportation.
For public transportation service…
The Metropolitan Municipality, which also implements its tram policy and carries out its implementations, will realize a new big beginning.
New line…
From the Intercity Bus Terminal, you will be able to reach the main square in the city center via the City Square.
The flights will be made with 12 tram series with 2 tram vehicle. The operating speed is to be operated in more ways than the T1 line.
The stations will be 60 meters long and overpass like the metrobus stops in Istanbul.
A separate new line is also being considered to the BursaRay Acemler Station via the Council of Europe Boulevard (Western Near Ring Road).

New tram line, station locations

The locations of the stations of the new tram line between Kent Square and Intercity Bus Terminal will be determined and their names will be put by the decision of the parliament.
1. Station: In front of Town Square
2. Station: Gençosman Türk Telekom six
3. Station: 300 meter rest of Beşyol Junction
4. Station: 300 meters ahead of Beşyol Junction
5. Station: Melodi in front of the Wedding Hall
6. Station: In front of Regional Directorate of Forestry
7. Station: next to BUTTİM, in front of Traffic Control Branch Directorate
8. Station: Fairground Junction
9. Station: Identity Store front
10. Station: AS Center front
11. Station: In front of Intercity Bus Terminal

Source: Serkan Ä ° NCEOÄ LU â € “ http://www.bursahakimiyet.com.tr



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