Tram from Metropolitan ISU to Buy

Büyükşehir İSU will get a tram with money from the city: Metropolitan Municipality took action to collect 220 million TL from İSU. Tahir Buyukakin, the Secretary General said, “The tram that will be purchased from ISU will be made with the money Genel.
The second of the May Ordinary Assembly session of the Metropolitan Municipality was held at the Leyla Atakan Cultural Center. Nevzat Doğan, the Mayor of İzmit, chaired the assembly session. The assembly session started with roll call. In the session of the Planning and Budget Commission, on the Authorization of the Mayor regarding the Financing of the Tramway Project Work, the ORL Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın said, “We have a loan from ISU. Funding is needed for tram construction. Pre-approval was received at the point of obtaining a loan. This will include borrowing from ISU. Tram payment will be made in return for ISU to pay its debt to us. If ISU pays us directly, it cannot invest. In this, he will make the payment via credit and he will spend time in this city. kazanwill stand,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the CHP group, Hüseyin Yılmaz said, “The Ministry of Interior has banned borrowing. The legal commission had to discuss this article. We already support the tram project as CHP. We want legal action. We demand that the matter be withdrawn and re-negotiated. 20 can be brought to parliament later days getir. Tahir Büyükakın said, par If ISU is unable to pay the loan, we will pay for it. The OU's debts must be collected. A letter was sent by the TCA. İSU is provided for convenience. The city's water pipes will not stop. A tender amount of TL 113 was made. There is no risk ”

The Assembly of the Metropolitan Municipality of 2014, which is on the agenda of the Assembly, has been interviewed after the Analytical Budget Final Account was read in the parliament. Speaking on behalf of the CHP Group, Hüseyin Yılmaz said, toplam When we examine the budget of 2014 year, we see that 621.737.484,02 TL investment is targeted as the Metropolitan Municipality but the total amount of investment expenditures is realized as 448.363.233,42 TL as of the end of the year. In this case, the realization rate of investments made as a metropolitan municipality is 72 yatırım said.

Ası However, the 84.000.000 portion of these investments is the repair expenditure. When we remove 448.363.233,02TL from 84.000.000 TL, the new investment expenditures in 2014 are in the amount of 364.363.233,02 TL, which is 30 in total expenditures. In short, the share of 2014 for Kocaeli in terms of investment is only about 30 of the budget. When we look at the budget from an objective point of view, free of political fear, we can clearly see that there is a TL 252.211.000 share in the budget in relation to transportation but the total investment expenditure in 2014 in this area is 101.713.000 TL şekil.

The realization rate of your transport activity target is only and only 40. Yilmaz said that the error and error rate of your target is 60 görev At the beginning of the main tasks of a municipal administration, science and zoning and urbanization services come. Well let's look at what services are made in this area in the 2014 as the Metropolitan Municipality. Let's do this by looking at the figures in the final calculation charts without going into politics of course. 23.318.616 TL allocated to the Department of zoning and urban planning is the 15.772.874 TL for the services provided in this field. The rate of service provided to the people of Kocaeli on this issue is only the percentage of the promised 67 Bu.

The budget allocated to the Department of Science Affairs is 353.253.746 TL while the budget is 295.620.000 TL and the rate of realization is% 83. CHP says X The budget allocated to the Department of Environmental Protection and Control is 31.852.235 TL. 10.509.672 TL of this budget was canceled and 21.342.562 TL expenditure was realized and 67 percentage was realized. The reports and statistics published by the Ministry of Health and TUBITAK are either lying or the reports of this ministry are of no concern to the Metropolitan Municipality when you consider the canceled allowance and realization rate. İptal

According to the report published by the ministry of health, Kocaeli is in the first place in terms of air and environmental pollution. “According to TUBITAK report, 4 in 1 dies from cancer and 80 dies from lung cancer and 2 dies from lung cancer. Of course, according to you, this city's fate is due to air and environmental pollution or lung cancer. The pollution of our sea is almost not over for 2 months, but its also due to climate change. Devam Climate change is the subject of climate change for the first time since the formation of the seasons until the XNUMX month in Kocaeli, de he said.

Projects of the head of the budget of the realization rate of 66, health and social services department of the realization rate of the budget remained at 77 said Yilmaz said, diy Projects accepted by the low budget of the head office of the metropolitan municipality as well as pre-election 100 advertise the new project immediately You did. The percentage of budget allocated to the head of health and social affairs department at 77 is a concrete indicator of how much you think of the citizen Sağlık.

When we look at the revenues section of the budget "05 coded other revenues" in the revenues of the 2013 declined compared to the year, "he said. Although the share from the Treasury and the Bank of Provinces has been increased from 2013 to 1.134.192, we expect the answer to the decline of the income in this household to be provided technically, not with political explanations. The share of own revenues in total revenues ına in the 2014 year, the revenues in the year 1.085.192 even more than half of the figure fell. Even if the water sales around the year 5 TL made by ISU is reduced from this figure, the reason for the decrease of 6 TL is unclear N.

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez H The budget is balanced. There is bureaucratic success. Liabilities from the Yuvacık Dam were previously investment. However, the decision taken in recent years is not seen as an investment. Therefore, the investment seems less. The expense seems very much. 173 Million TL does not seem to be deducted from the expense source, kayn he said. In the last parliament passed, the 13 clause was approved by a majority of votes. Parliament Speaker Nevzat Doğan said that the next assembly will be held on 11 June 15.00.


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