Safe tractor driving activity in Bayramiç

Safe tractor driving activity in Bayramiç: An activity of "safe tractor driving" was organized in Bayramiç district of Çanakkale. Ministries of Interior, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, National Education, Health, Transport, Maritime and Communications and Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Security Directorate, Turkey Union of Chambers of Agriculture, the cooperation of the General Directorate of private Education Institutions, tractor drivers are trained in activities carried out with the support of some sponsors were conscious about the use of tools.
Many tractor users participated in the event held in the Municipal Wedding Hall.
Bayramic Chamber of Agriculture President Ismail Wrestler, here in his speech, said he was more experienced than the death rate in the wars in the world experienced the death rate in traffic accidents in Turkey.
Major Ali Kösem, Chief of Operations Training Department at Çanakkale Provincial Gendarmerie Command, informed the drivers and participants with statistics about what the tractor drivers avoided and what to do in traffic.
Çanakkale Traffic Education and Research Department Deputy Head Kubilay Yıldırım stated that the highest rate of fatal tractor accidents was caused by falling off the road with 39 percent, while other accidents were caused by the lack of light and lighting, speed and lighting equipment.
Bayramic Governor Kemal Kızılkaya, emphasizing the importance of effectiveness, "the 910 districts in Turkey, although the province is done in 81 Bayramic in one of these events. Because Bayramic one of Turkey's Canakkale and made intensive agriculture. They are here because they love us and care about our lives. Therefore, I want this from you. Let's have all our tractors serviced by the end of May. There should be no tractors without reflectors and headlights. I am saying this for this. Farming season is starting. "Tractors will be involved more in traffic," he said.



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