Aydın's Death Road Waiting for Work

Aydın's Death Path is Waiting for Work: Aydın-Muğla Highway is waiting for the authorities to see the most traffic accidents in Aydın's town of Efeler.
Despite the increasing traffic accidents on the Aydın-Muğla Highway, the lack of any measures or work to prevent accidents, concerns citizens. The solution will end with the works to be done by the Highways. Works such as the shopping center, wedding hall, restaurant and hotel, which will be carried out on Aydın-Muğla Highway, signaling system, underpass, overpass and pedestrian crossing are expected to reduce accident rates. In the statistics about Aydın-Muğla highway, it was found that the road was not open-ended in terms of the accident balance and that the high number of injured and death rates would be inevitable.
Aydın-Muğla highway areas that may invite invitations to the accident, and the need to be done in this area, which emphasized the need to be done Aydın Traffic Inspection Branch Manager Osman Adana, ası Aydın-Muğla Highway about the work to be done in relation to our requests and demands were conveyed to the necessary institutions. There are too many road entrances on the Aydın-Muğla highway. This increases the accident rate. Warning signs and signaling at certain intersections on the road will reduce the accident rates. Yol
Providing statistical information about the traffic geese on the Aydın-Muğla highway, Adana said: “In 2014, total 88 goose occurred on Aydın Muğla road. 60 must be injured and mortal accidents, while 28 is financially damaged. 1 people lost their lives as a result of these accidents. 2015 is the first 4 monthly accident balance sheet of 18. 15 was wounded and mortal, while 3 was also damaged. In the first four months, 1 was killed and 14 was injured. In the 2014, the Ovaeymir intersection is among the places where most accidents are experienced, X he said.
Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) said in a statement that the Aydın-Muğla Highway has been transferred to the Aydın Metropolitan Municipality since the Imam Hatip Junction. Aydın-Muğla Highway Aydın Metropolitan Municipality in the direction of transfer to the Highways, indicating that they convey the demands of the officials of the BZB Imam Hatip Kavşağı now and after the work of the highway claimed to belong to.



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