Asphalt excavated in the Mediterranean is re-evaluated

📩 24/12/2018 16:28

The asphalt scraped in the Mediterranean is being re-evaluated: The central district of Mersin, the Akdeniz Municipality, recycles the old asphalt, which was scraped from the roads with asphalt pavement with trimer machine, as cold mix asphalt.
Akdeniz Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continues its asphalt patch and pavement works in different neighborhoods. The teams that completed their works in Nusratiye District started to work in the Şevket Sümer District, while the teams of the contractors who completed the asphalt coating program in the Hal District started to work in the Turgutreis District. After the completion of the work in these neighborhoods, the teams will move to Güneş Mahallesi and Mesudiye Mahallesi and will do asphalt coating and patch work.
Co-Mayors of Akdeniz Municipality Yüksel Mutlu and Mehmet Fazıl Türk, who made a joint statement about the works, stated that they had a very busy asphalt season with the participation of the contractor company teams to their existing teams with the 100 thousand tons asphalt tender, the legal process of which was finalized. Emphasizing that the old asphalt, which has been worn out due to use and has completed its economic life, has been re-evaluated in addition to climatic effects, Co-Chairs said, “We purify our streets from old and worn asphalt with a machine called trimer, which is used to completely scrape the asphalt. We re-process the obtained old asphalt and use it in a type called cold mix asphalt. Thus, we save the old asphalt from being rubble and bring it to the country's economy and create a more environmentally sensitive model. We accelerated our work by taking advantage of the summer months. We are trying to approach the problems of our city within the framework of a more modern urbanism with our two different teams. In this respect, we thank all our colleagues who have contributed and contributed to our work ”.

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