Uzunköprü - Pityon railway will be activated

Uzunköprü - Pityon railway will be activated: Work has been initiated for vehicle transportation by train between Edirne's Uzunköprü district and Greece-Pityon.

Uzunköprü Mayor Enis Isbilen, Uzunköprü and Greece-Pityon reported that they are working for the activation of the railroad.

İşbilen, in his written statement, Turkey-rail between Greece available in the customs Uzunköprü between the train station and the Greece-Pityo the train station, the train service including the transportation of the vehicle said they conducted intensive studies to begin.

Stating that they had a meeting with Edirne Station Manager Ahmet Yıldırım, TCDD Yilmaz in the 1st Region and Renate Menoni Sverko, owner of Optima Express-Tour, which deals with the transportation of vehicles and passengers of foreign origin, İşbilen said:

“The 10-kilometer-long railway will be passed in 10-15 minutes. Customs and passport inspections of the vehicles to be loaded on the wagons will be made by the customs and police agencies existing on both sides. Loading ramps will be created by the municipality at the station so that vehicles can be loaded into the wagon. ”

Isbilen, vehicle passengers and vehicles without a vehicle and a pulman-compartment for the need to attract buyers, said about the company will be leased. He said that Optima Tour wanted a month for the feasibility study, and said:

“This rent will be covered by the institutions such as the municipality, the Uzunköprü Chamber of Commerce and the stock exchange. This amount to be paid will be returned in foreign currency with tourists coming to Uzunköprü tradesmen and merchants. Activation of the Uzunköprü-Pityon railway is also supported by the Dimetoka Municipality of Greece. The cooperation protocol prepared was also submitted to the Governorship of Edirne. The implementation will contribute to increasing trade between the two countries. ”

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 17:35

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