Square-Aksu rail system line a second black hole for Antalya

Meydan-Aksu rail system line is a second black hole for Antalya: City planner and architect Erhan Öncü, who worked as a consultant in the Antalya Transportation Master Plan made in 2013, said that multi-level intersections in the tourism city will not solve the problem of urban transportation.

Pointing out that intersections will create new problems, Öncü stated that existing rail and bus systems should be operated more efficiently to solve the traffic problem.

Speaking at the conference titled "Antalya Transportation Master Plan" organized by the Antalya City Monitoring Platform at the Antalya Bar Association, Öncü stated that the multi-storey intersections built at the Mevlana Junction and the ring road are against the current Transportation Master Plan and in this plan, the railroad in Antalya city center until 2030. the system reminded that it is not recommended. Describing the existing Fatih-Meydan rail system as a "black hole" that swallows the city's budget, Öncü said, “With the Antray with a capacity of 15-18 thousand passengers per hour, as the transfer line application has been canceled, 3–5 thousand passengers per hour can be transported. Antray is an investment that does not even cover its own operating expenses. In order for this rail system to be used efficiently, the use of pillow wheel feeding lines should be encouraged. According to the transportation legislation, a new light rail line must have a capacity of at least 7 passengers per hour in the year it is put into service. " he spoke. Expressing that the Ministry of Transport and Urbanization initiated a rail system investment between Meydan-Aksu under the pretext of EXPO 2016, in violation of the said rule, Öncü criticized this situation and said: this investment will be a second black hole for Antalya. " said.

Emphasizing that the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Transportation Master Plan, which entered into force in 2013, will be a waste of public resources for the new plan without losing its up-to-date, 10 million TL tender price, Öncü continued as follows: “Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is a two-year project with a team of experts. Antalya, where the study results completed in 2013 for the first time in Turkey Transportation Master Plan, Master Plan was approved by the same council meeting simultaneously. The Transportation Master Plan, which the Metropolitan Municipality obtained with the technical team formed within its own organization by receiving consultancy services from us, was accepted in 2013, first in the Metropolitan Assembly and then in the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME). This plan was made for a total of 0.7 million. Now, in order to adapt the multi-storey intersections and rail system investments they have made without considering this plan, a new transportation plan tender is requested with an estimated cost of 10 million TL. This initiative is a waste of public resources. Instead of the new plan, it will be sufficient to update the existing plan with the expert team that made the plan in 2013 within the Municipality. "



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