Palandoken ski center is being privatized

Palandöken ski center is being privatized: The immovables in Palandöken Ski Resort and Konaklı Ski Resort will be privatized for 49 years by the "Granting of Operating Rights" method.

According to the announcement of the Privatization Administration published in the Official Gazette, the real estate, runways, lifts and artificial snow system in the Palandöken Ski Facility in Erzurum, "assets granted" for 49 years, assets including movable vehicles, equipment and fixtures will be privatized as a whole with the “sales” method.

The immovables, slopes, lifts, artificial snow system in Konaklı Ski Facility, for 49 years, "granting the operating right", assets including movable vehicles, equipment and fixtures, and the immovable immovable properties in the tourism facility area in Konaklı village are sold with the "sale" method. will be put out to tender.

The temporary collateral amount for these facilities is 500 thousand dollars, the tender specifications and the price of the promotion document is determined as 5 thousand TL.

The tenders will be held in a closed envelope by bidding and negotiating. If deemed necessary by the tender commission, the tenders may be finalized through an auction with the participation of bidders who are negotiating for bargaining.

Offers for the tender of the Palandöken Ski Facility and the Konaklı Ski Resort tender will be given separately. Legal entities and joint venture groups can participate in tenders. Real persons and private investment funds may be members of a joint venture group with at least one legal entity.

In order to be able to apply for prequalification and participate in the tender, the participants will prepare their bids and their proposals in line with the matters specified in the tender specifications and deliver them to the Administration until 30 hrs.

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