Logistics Master Plan will be launched at 2018

Logistics Master Plan will be launched at 2018: 2023 logistics sector to improve competitiveness and to achieve the export target of organized preparation Turkey Logistics Master Plan will be launched in 2018
Turkey has reached the end of their work for the preparation of tender Logistics Master Plan. Turkey Logistics Master Plan preparation 27 business advisory services to tender in May. The 3 plan for 2016 will take place in 2018.
To increase the competitiveness of Turkish logistics sector and preparing to achieve the export target 2023 Turkey planned tender preparation for Logistics Master Plan was completed. 27 will be awarded for the master plan in May. 10. The plan to be implemented within the framework of the Development Plan will be prepared to establish the infrastructure of the logistic legislation, the definition of the logistic villages, centers and bases in the country will be made. For these places, the installation and operation principles will be determined and classifications will be made. In addition, the standards of the work to be done within the plan will be determined. The first phase of the plan is expected to take effect in 2018. The 3 year-long master plan preparation process is expected to take shape at 2016. 2017 'Logistics Master Plan is expected to be completed at the beginning of the 2018. With the introduction of the plan, the aim is to prepare logistics legislation in the same year. The Master Plan will be responsible for the Ministry of Transport. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Customs and Trade will also contribute.
60 billion dollar investment target
The geographical position between the neighboring countries as a transport hub in Turkey undertook the task or link land, air, sea and rail transport is done. Turkey's 3 thousand companies in which it operates both nationally and internationally transportation and logistics sector provides employment to 400 thousand people. Officials say the logistics sector needs specific regulations that respond to needs beyond what exists in national and international legislation. Looking at the 2023 targets, the strengthening of the logistics infrastructure comes to the fore. On the other hand, it is stated that the contribution of the logistics sector to 2023 foreign trade targets will be high. With the planned logistics centers and the improved logistic infrastructure, the total targeted investment in the 2023 will be over 60 billion. In the 2023 logistics center it is expected to be in the region of Turkey.
What will the plan bring to the sector?
• Investments in logistics sector will be planned.
• An integrity and standard future for investments.
• What kind of logistical advantages the region has and the long-term benefits will be clarified.
• All numerical data on logistics will be free of uncertainty.
• Environmental awareness will come forward.
• Since logistics is an area of ​​concern to many ministries and institutions, it takes time to take common decisions. The master plan that will be introduced will give way to these institutions to follow a common policy and accelerate them.

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