Karşıyaka tree will not be cut along the tram line route

Karşıyaka On the tram line route, the tree will not be cut, but to be transported: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to build Karşıyaka The fact that 1300 earthmovers on the coast, shrubs and trees will be removed on the tram route created a public debate. Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the social media will not cut trees, Karşıyaka said they would live elsewhere on the coast.

KarşıyakaThe allegations of cutting trees and plants, including palm trees, on the tram route, the construction of which has started to be 1300 in number, created a controversy. With the start of the construction of the tram line consisting of 9.7 stops with a length of 15 kilometers between Mavişehir and Alaybey, the dismantling of trees and plants on the route was on the agenda of the social media. Organized under the title "Don't touch my 1300 trees" on Sunday, May 17 at 16.00 Karşıyaka He decided to take action in front of the ferry port. Karşıyaka people called for action to be held with the slogan that the palm of the people.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu responded to the discussion and reaction on social media with messages from social media (twitter). Kocaoğlu, who stated that they made a route change for mulberry in Konak tram and plane trees in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Karşıyaka He said that the trees on the coast would be moved and they would be kept alive elsewhere on the same coast. Kocaoğlu said,Karşıyaka There will be no felling for the tram. By moving the trees on the route again Karşıyaka We will live on the beaches ”,“ Remember! We changed routes on the Konak tram for mulberry in Poet Eşref and plane trees on Sahil Boulevard. KarşıyakaI congratulate my fellow countrymen. I hope they will never be doubted about our environmental awareness. ”



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