Did You Know That The Train Station Of Urfada

Did You Know That Urfada Train Station: Researcher-Writer Sabri Gear revealed that the Germans built a train station in Urfa during the Abdülhamit Period and remained intact until today.

Sabri Gear, who is on the agenda and writes about Urfa and Urfa with his strong pen, is now in Gazete İpekyol… Sabri Gear, who is a candidate to create the agenda again with her first article, brought to the agenda that it is a train station in Şanlıurfa but is not known. He wrote that he was dating and should be taken care of. This station in Ahmet Erseven, known as the German Bond by the ancients, is now located in the military zone. Gear's suggestion is to bring and display a train with the researches of historians in this station, which has remained clean and solid until today.

Here is the article of Gear: "The train station of Abdülhamit period in Urfa German Vineyard" First, where is the German Vineyard? " Let's answer the question. On the northwest side of the Silk Road, partly in the military barracks… Why the German Bond? The Railway Project, which stretched from the Europe to the Persian Gulf, from the Ottoman Persian Gulf in the 18th century, swelled the appetite of the imperial powers. Which European country had the best land transport of the time, the country would be able to reach the grain warehouse, mine and oil wealth in the rich Mesopotamian territory. France, Britain and Germany were pushing all the ways to make a deal with the Ottoman to get these railways. Thus, the Railway Project, which ran from Europe to Baghdad and the Persian Gulf, emerged. According to some historians, the Baghdad Railways Project was one of the causes of the First World War, which determined the fate of the Ottoman Empire. Another name of the project, also called Hicaz Railways, is the Chester Project. “On January 21, 1902, the Anatolian Railways was established on April 13, 1903 to enforce the concession granted by the Ottoman government to the Ottoman Joint Stock Company for a railway to be extended from Konya to Baghdad and Basra. This line starts from Konya, Karaman, Ereğli, Kardaşbeli, Avlona, ​​Hamidiye, Osmaniye, Bahçe, Kazanali, Kilis, Telhabeş, Harran, Resulen, Nusaybin, Avniat, Mosul, Tekrit, Sadice, Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf, Zubeyir and Basra city and he would stop by their town. It would also have connections from Telhabeş to Aleppo, Urfa, Sadice to Hanekin and Zubeyir to the Persian Gulf port. ”* The Germans bought a vineyard on the outskirts of Mesopotamia's Urfa Külaflı Hill in the 1910s. started building a train station. Thus, the popular name of that region was “German Bond”. Then it was thought that this route would increase the cost due to the mountainous area and numerous rivers. While the project was being constructed as Akçakale Station, it was decided to make a line to the center of Urfa. Why am I writing these things even though I was not a historian? Today, a historical railway station built by the Germans on the southwest side of the military barracks is a historical monument. The station has come to its present in its original form. There is no need to tell who we owe the green area and historical monument in the military region to our day. The history of the arrival of a train to Urfa is at the hands of the monument of a two-century story that dates from the beginning of the 18th century to the 21st century. does he need? We have been for years; We are shouting as much as our preacher came out as “repair this building”, “this historical monument”, “register”. We're trying to create public opinion. Then around with one of the political branches "kêhkeleniy is." "You stay in a military zone," What should we do we say? For example, as shown in the photograph the building is very clean and solid, the Republic of Turkey from the Railways (TCDD), display it in front of this station brought an old train ... Seriously we can also display the research done by historians in the building. Now, you will say that “there are so many historical artifacts”… Yes, it does exist and the “accelerated” high speed train issue is on the agenda again. we will explain to you how much strategic importance it has for our region. ”Ecdat ..



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