75 of Eurasia Tunnel Project is OK

75 of Eurasia Tunnel Project is ok: 100 15 to reduce the 3.340 minutes between 820 minutes 2016 minutes to finish the XNUMX meters of XNUMX meters to end the excavation work. As soon as the plan was planned, the opening date was taken. Tunnel will be launched in December XNUMX
Works in the Eurasia Tunnel of the Istanbul Strait Tube Crossing Project are continuing. The excavation works on the Anatolian side of the 13.7 meter diameter, 3 thousand 300 and 120 meter-long TBM called the tunnel digging machine with an average of 8 meters as of today, reaching the 2.520 meter, while the second floor construction has progressed to 1.225 meters. Thus, the 3 of the 340 bin 75 meter tunnel has been completed.
With the investment cost of 1 billion 245 million dollars ATAS, 55 is the investment period of the month, and 24 have to deliver 5 in August according to the contract tunnel that will run 2017 months of the year. According to the newspaper Vatan, Deputy General Manager of ATAS Mustafa Tanriverdi, the date of the project given by opening the 7 month before the December 2016'da said they would put into service. Tanriverdi, the project began before the beginning of a difficult financing process continued by telling: inden Our biggest assurance is the organizations we take credit. The world's largest construction banks provide loans to this project. But there are also very strict control mechanisms. We're being followed very closely. The entire loan was not given. Banks and supervisory agencies are depositing the money in installments monthly from month to month according to their progress. Alar
A response scenario is prepared for all kinds of accidents in the tunnel. When there is an unexpected event on one floor, it is possible to move to the other floor with the impermeable evacuation doors located at 200 meters. All scenarios are ready, from what to do when a dog enters the tunnel, how to treat it in a chaining accident. The 92 jet fan located in the tunnel and the 8 ventilation pump will be continuously ready to pump clean air into the tunnel in the event of a fire. A 600 meter pause pockets at the 50 meter in the tunnel
Although the project was exempted from the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation), a very comprehensive EIA report was prepared by the creditors. He was very meticulous in environmental and social terms. The birds on the project route were moved before the trees were removed. While new ones were planted instead of cut trees, the project was continuously discussed with the affected artisans on the route. first time in Turkey ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Directive) was used in the Eurasian project.
Vatan team descended into the deepest point of the tunnel 106 meters and viewed the work on site. Then the world's largest tunnel digging machine came up to the last point. The upper floor of the tunnel built as a two-storey building will be European-Anatolian and the lower floor will be Anatolian-European.
Seismic seals fitted
In Japan for the tunnel, the 4 bin 500 is made resistant to an earthquake that can happen once a year. Two seismic seals were installed in order to ensure the flexibility of the tunnel in different ground conditions. There are 3 living room for workers working in tunnel construction. The energy of the tunnel is provided on both the European and Asian sides.
3 consists of the stage
The total highway length will be 15.4 mileage being constructed in the tunnel 3 stage. Starting from Kazlıçeşme on the European side of the first phase, the coastline up to the beginning of the tunnel in Yenikapı. Tunnel traffic is separated from city traffic by extending the road. The second part is the tunnel excavation under the 5.4 kilometer. In the third section, which runs from Harem to Göztepe, the lower part and the overpasses, additional strips, are aimed at a comfortable transportation.



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