28 Tram Is Abandoned to Decay in Gaziantep

tramway gaziantep
tramway gaziantep

28 Tram is Abandoned in Gaziantep: The 2012 tram, which was bought by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in Germany and France in 28, is kept in warehouse area. Annual loss of 5 million pounds!

2012 trolley, which was bought by 5 million and 7 million in 28 from Germany and France in the 2012 of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, was abandoned in an idle state. Trams taken in the hope of relieving the traffic load of Gaziantep are now being kept open in the Metropolitan Municipality Rail Systems Warehouse area. The condemnation of the national fortune attracts great reaction. In the year of XNUMX in Rouen, France, the old trams, which had been terminated with the introduction of the new generation of wagons, were also brought to Gaziantep.


CHP Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Muhittin Sait Kose, taken to Gaziantep to bring the scrap trolley 3 year is just one of those who react to the decay. The loss of the use of trams as a loss of national wealth Köse said,, 1972 model, a factory shut down in Germany, trams were brought to Gaziantep. Scrap trams from Germany and France have become the scourge of our heads. I don't think the national wealth is left to rot. We already know the problems of the existing trams in use. They took the 1972 model trams, couldn't work and left to rot. Our country can't make a wagon? Is our country incapable of using this technology? On the day we won the power, we will reveal all the improper acts and ask for their account. İkt


Gaziantep's traffic problem is a problem in itself MHP Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Muhittin Taşdoğan waiting for the wagons in the warehouse was taken with the money of the nation drew attention. Taşdoğan said, “The wagons waiting in the warehouse are the national wealth. Using these trams, you must at least relax in the city's traffic problem. Trams are kept idle since 2012 due to intra-party rivalries. Trams were not taken in the period of another party, 10 has been in power for years. Their names have changed but the mindset is the same. Trams are so clogged that it is wrong to have trams lying there. O The AK Party criticized municipal authorities.


Gaziantep's most important problems in the city, indicating that the transportation within the city of Gaziantep Chamber of Architects Bekir Sıtkı Severoğlu, the Municipality's Main Transportation Plan (UAP), despite the implementation of the plan, the transportation problem is enlarged, he said. Severoğlu said that the trolley brought to solve the problem caused more problems and shared the following information: ı A tram has 170 passenger capacity, including the standing people. 224 can reach the person when it is overwhelmed. However, the data of municipalities show 242 people. Tramway project will not increase the capacity of the passenger will increase. Each month 1 million 87 thousand thousand pounds while the loss, 672 brings a thousand pounds income. So when we think about the year, our loss is 5 million pounds. Yani


After the 30 March local elections, Asim Guzelbey was handed over to Fatma Sahin after the local elections. Güzelbey in the statement on the news under the name of the 2.5 million euros irregularities, remarking that the main addressee of the matter was Former Deputy Secretary General Settar Çanlıoğlu said: çıkan I just took my hat from the municipality. I didn't get one. They have everything. I don't understand why 2.5 million they claim to be evaporating doesn't go to the prosecutor's office and that these roads are being devised. Without leaving the municipality, I have audited both internal auditors and external auditors. If there is a mistake despite all of this, give the responsible account. The answer to the question, what I do not understand, about the purchase of the tram, before I have to give Settar Çanlıoglu'nun. Because he, as a technical guy, went with me to Rouan. I just attended the first part of the meeting in Rouan. Çanlıoğlu conducted one-on-one interviews with the company. Firma

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which does not inform about the prices of the trams on the subject, made the following statement: X 28 1994 model ALSTOM TFS tramway came to our city from France in March 2014. During the arrival, dismantled parts of the trams were assembled for transportation and their controls were completed in July. In October-November 2014 interviews were conducted with the companies for air conditioning systems, passenger information system and brake maintenance of trams. Trainings for the maintenance and driving of trams have been completed until January 2015. The cleaning and other maintenance of the trams are continuing with our own facilities in our workshop. At

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