Zonguldakta landslide road closed to transportation

Zonguldakta has closed the landslide road: Ereğli-Kandilli road closed due to landslide. Transportation between Ereğli district and Kandilli town was closed due to road landslide. After the rightwing which was effective in the city, landslide occurred in Keşkek region of Ereğli-Kandilli highway.
The road, on which soil and rock fragments were poured, was closed to transportation. Kandilli Mayor Mustafa Aydın said that landslides were experienced in some parts of the town due to the effective rains in the district. Aydın stated that the road entrances and exits were closed due to the landslide occurring on the alternative road connecting Ereğli and Kandilli, “We came to the scene after the landslide was reported. Our gendarmerie and municipal teams checked for vehicles under landslide. Thank goodness there is no negativity. We have reported the situation to the Special Provincial Administration. In the morning, work will be started with the construction machinery to open the highway back to transportation. ”
In the meantime, rubble fell from the 3-storey derelict building on the Kiz Kapi Caddesi in Ereğli's Akça Mahallesi. Police teams closed the route to traffic. The road was re-opened to transportation after Ereğli Municipality teams removed the rubble.



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