Bids in Zigana Tunnel to be re-picked

In the Zigana Tunnel, the offers will be reopened: 29 rejected the appeal of the firm that applied to the JCC by appealing for the new Zigana tunnel tender which received the tender proposals in January. However, after this appeal, the two companies wanted to submit a bid for the tender by applying to the Highways. The General Directorate of Highways wrote to these two companies and said they could not submit a tender.
12 was launched on November in 2014 for the 12,9 km Zigana Tunnel, where President Recep Tayip Erdoğan gave her glad tidings from Gümüşhane on 10 October 29. he was finished. 18 from the applicant 6 was found to be sufficient and they were asked to submit their bids by 29 January. After a firm that failed to get a qualification, requested the cancellation of the tender by applying to the Public Procurement Authority (GCC), the process which took place gained a new dimension.
Giving the explanations on the subject to Gümüşkoza, AK Party deputy Gümüşhane Assoc. Kemalettin Aydın said, azı Yes, the objection of the objecting company was rejected and no qualification was given. The decision was submitted by the JCC. But now two different companies wanted to bid on the tender. General Directorate of General Directorate of Highways can not bid for these two companies by submitting the offer before the offer of the firms that offer the offer period will be re-offered 8 April in April. If the other two companies do not go to the GCC, the proposals will be received in April and the tender will be finalized. If these two companies go to the GCC, the process will be extended again. Eğer



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