Young Girl Under The Island

The Leg of the Young Girl Remained Under Adaray: An accident occurred in the rail system in Sakarya. It was stated that a person who was stated to be a high school student was caught under Adaray and his leg was severed and he was taken to the hospital urgently.

In Sakarya, 17-year-old high school student Ümmühan Şen wanted to go to Kentpark with his sister, and he allegedly wanted to pass under the barrier after the barrier was closed, while he was under the light rail system used in public transportation in the city at the level crossing. The young girl's right leg was severed in the accident.

The accident occurred at around 21.30 at the Donatım Passage in Adapazarı city center. 17-year-old Ümmühan Şen, who was learned to be a high school student, wanted to go to Kentpark in Donatım with his sister and wanted to cross the level crossing on the railway on his way. Meanwhile, when Adaray, which is used in urban public transportation, approached the passage, the officers closed the barriers. Şen allegedly wanted to pass under the barriers, and the moment he stepped onto the railway, his right leg was dragged for a while when he stayed in the part where the rails were. Şen, whose right foot was torn, was screaming, while Adaray stood about 50 meters after hitting the young girl. The people around who saw the accident immediately informed 112 teams. The medical teams who came to the scene determined that Ümmühan Şen had ruptured from the ankle of his right leg. The first intervention to Şen was made at the scene. Ümmühan Şen was later taken to Sakarya Training and Research Hospital with his severed leg. It was stated that Ümmühan Şen, who was taken into treatment, will be stitched. Police pulled a security strip to the scene and made an investigation in the area.

It was learned that the family of Ümmühan Şen, who was injured in the accident, lived in Osmaniye and that he was studying at Pamukova Anatolian Teacher High School in the last year. In the meantime, the images of the security camera found in Adaray regarding the accident were examined. The footage shows the young girl entering the train track despite closed barriers.

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 17:12

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