Local Tram and Metro Wagons First Experienced Students

Local tram and subway wagons were first seen by cultured students: Private Bursa Culture Schools students, Durmazlar By examining the machine in place, they found answers to the questions that stuck in their minds.

Private Bursa Culture Schools 5. and 7. Class Electronic Robot Club students, sector visits Durmazlar Machinery Industry Department. So far, Turkey and many of the leading companies providing added value to the students who visited the Multicultural Scholarship economy Durmazlar Machines produced by the Industry, Turkey's first indigenous tram and subway cars at the on-site inspection, they found opportunity.

Durmazlar Machine Industry Production Manager Rıza Şentürk and the factory accompanied by the relevant teachers examining the cultured students, they found answers to their minds. During the factory visit, the students had fun.
Private Bursa Culture Schools aims to raise awareness in the areas of interest of the students during the company visits and to guide the future career choices.

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