Vehicle flew to metrobus stop

The vehicle flew to the metrobus stop: 4 person was slightly injured in the car, where the turnstile iron was stuck like an arrow. E-5 Light commercial vehicle from the control of the Merter site overflowed the barriers and drifted about 200 meters and flew to the metrobus stop turnstile. 4 person in the vehicle stuck in an arrow like a turnstile iron in the accident, while there was no one in the stall during the event was returned to the threshold of the disaster.

The accident occurred at the 02.30 ranks of the E-5 Highway Ankara and at the Merter Metrobus stop. Allegedly, going to the direction of Topkapi Bakirkoy Fick Plesan 34 HZ 4512 plate light commercial vehicle, due to excessive speed of the driver lost control of the steering wheel as a result of metrobüs hit the road. Merry Metrobus stop layed on its side after slamming its turnstile. An iron pipe in the vehicle entering the turnstile was stuck like an arrow. Accident, the vehicle in the selective Pişkin, Ercan Birişik (200), Yavuz Arslan and the name of a person, was slightly injured. First aid to the wounded was run by the surrounding drivers. Then the citizens reported the situation to the police, health and fire brigade. Medical teams on the incident notice, the wounded with the help of citizens removed from the vehicle ambulances. In the ambulance, Arslan and driver Pişkin İstanbul Training and Research Hospital were taken to Birişik İstanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Hospital and treatment was taken. A person whose name cannot be learned was treated by being taken to a nearby hospital.


Firefighters from the scene to control the engine part of the vehicle to prevent a negative situation first. The alcohol cans, which fell out of the vehicle, drew attention. After the work done, the fire brigade and municipal teams after the hands were brought together with the help of the tractor after being removed from the scene after being removed.


After the event, the light commercial vehicle hit by the turn of the metrobus was dismantled. While the glass surrounding the turnstile section was salted, cleaning and repair work was carried out at the stop damaged by the teams of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate. After the works, they were removed by teams in the turnstiles and fences. Some citizens who saw the accident stopped the vehicle and tried to shoot images from the scene.


As a result of the accident occurred during the night was returned to the threshold of a possible disaster. When the vehicle out of control quickly entered the metrobus stop, it was learned that there was no one waiting at the stop by chance. Suleyman Tanriverdi, the witness of the incident, said, Tanrı I was coming through the upper passage. All of a sudden, I saw the car roll over the 3-4. If he is not dead now, let him rest, let him pray. Eğer

Avcılar-Sogutlucesme direction due to the accident for a while while the traffic closed, police teams launched an investigation into the accident.

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 17:04

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