Vali Altiparmak went skiing in Konakli


Vali Altiparmak Konaklıda Skiing: Governor Ahmet Altıparmak, Police Chief Kamil Karabörk spent the weekend skiing.

Located 20 kilometers away from the city center, Turkey and Altiparmak outgoing Konakli is one of the world's leading ski resorts Ski Center, appeared on the runway after wearing your clothes.

In a statement he made to reporters, Altıparmak said that when Erzurum is mentioned, Palandöken and Konaklı come to mind and that the ski season continues in these centers.

Stating that the season is over in Palandöken, but skiing is possible until the end of April in Konaklı, Altıparmak continued as follows:

“The tracks in Konaklı are amazing. There are tracks and snow quality that you cannot see during the winter. Turkey around the kayaksever mainly Erzurum Konakli expect. Konaklı is very calm now and beginners can easily learn to ski here. This year we taught thousands of people to ski. People of Erzurum can go sledding or just enjoy a picnic, not just for skiing here. In Konaklı, where thousands of people have the opportunity to ski at the same time with its 16 tracks, the work for the hotels to be built should be accelerated. Konaklı will develop further with the construction of hotels. "

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