Trambus Has a Different 23 April for Students (Photo Gallery)

Trambus Made Students A Different 23 April: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation A.Ş. 23 had a city tour for children on April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Malatya In the context of social activities, 23 launched a tour of the city in April by taking students to the Trambuses. Malatya Transportation General Manager Enver Sadat Tamgaci stated that they want to be a partner of the children and they carried the buses they carried with the flag and balloons from the schools to the university.

Decorated with festive decorations made Trambüste distributed chocolate, balloons and flags of the students spending a good time, accompanied by stolen music on the road to accompany the students.

The city tour, which was given to students from different schools in Malatya, continued throughout the day.



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