Trabzon's railway project should be pulled forward

Trabzon's railway project should be pointed out: Atalay, who said the target 2023, spoke with the General Manager of Railways about the railway project.

AK Party Trabzon candidate candidate candidate Mehmet Atalay TCDD General Manager of Omer Yildiz for the blessings of good luck. Referring to the importance of the Trabzon-Erzincan railway project during the visit, Atalay said, Ziyaret There is a great expectation for the railway in our region and in our city. We must take the tender year 2018 forward. We have a goal of getting our 2023 World Youth Olympics. We must have finished the railway at 2023 Demir.


AK Party nomination Trabzon deputy Mehmet Atalay, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Director General of our countrymen were found in visits to get better Omar Stars. During the visit, Atalay discussed Trabzon's railway project, which has been on the agenda of Trabzon for a long time, with the General Manager of Trabzon and exchanged ideas on what can be done.


Atalay candidate candidate Atalay Ministry of Transportation of the Trabzon-Erzincan railway tender 2018'da reminder of the decision, ın Trabzon needs railway. Of course, the subject of the route has also been discussed very much. We should not waste time on where the route will be. We know that Trabzon and the region need this railway. The whole region is aware of this. We do not see Giresun as our rivals in the region and Rize as rivals, we will act with them. The infrastructure of the railway is ready. The railway project is vital not only for Trabzon but also for the region. It is one of the expectations of the city public that the railway project is taken to 2015 investment platform in 2016, or at the latest 2017 to be withdrawn and auctioned. We are ready to do what we need to do about it. Bu


Atalay reminded that in the past they had provided 2007 Black Sea games in Trabzon and the 2011 European Youth Olympics with many services ranging from transportation, dormitories, airport terminals to facilities. Gençlik We have a goal to take the 2023 World Youth Olympics to Trabzon. 2023 is our target for both our country and our country. 100 of the Republic. We want to realize the railway project to Trabzon. Trabzon's railway dream is known to be based on an 140 history. We want to take the 2023 World Youth Olympics and connect it to Trabzon and other ports in the region. This will connect the Eastern Black Sea to Erzincan, Iran and the Mediterranean. In the north of Ukraine and Russia will have to connect all the Eastern Black Sea to Turkey via the ports. This project is a project that needs not only of Turkey, "he said.

Turkey is not the old Turkey Atalay, indicating that the power to make such big projects, "Turkey is a country that can create these resources. Considering the cost of the railway, the benefit is a project that is well above the cost. New Turkey has the power to do it, "he said.

TCDD General Manager Yıldız said that the infrastructure and feasibility studies for this project that our country needs are ready and that they will do their best to implement the project.



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