Antalya Transportation will train citizens to work

Antalya Transportation Inc. will train the trainers who will work in Antray: Antalya Transportation Inc., which is affiliated to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and operates the rail system lines, will train the trainers to operate within its own structure in cooperation with İŞKUR.

Metropolitan Municipality Antalya Transport Inc., in collaboration with İŞKUR 'Vatman (tram driver) Training Program' is launched. Those who successfully complete the course will be able to get a job at the Meydan-EXPO rail system line, which is expected to be completed on the nostalgia tram, ANTRAY and 2016. General health insurance of candidates who will receive 25 pounds during the course of the course will be held.

Antalya Transportation Inc. In order to prepare personnel who are trained to be qualified for attendance to be evaluated both in the currently operated 1st Stage rail system stage and Nostalgia Tramway, and in the second stage of Meydan-EXPO, which will be completed in 2016, it starts the Vending Training. Turkey Business Association (TEO) job training programs will be organized under the motorman Training Program will take 4 months. İŞKUR will provide a daily allowance of 25 lira to everyone participating in the training and will also make general health insurance.

Successful completion of the 114 work day (about 4 month) will continue to be completed in accordance with the need for candidates who completed the training process. In case of successful training modules of the candidates participating in the training, they will be employed according to the order of success in accordance with the order of success.

Those who have graduated from the departments of electrical, electronic, machinery, rail systems at high school, associate and undergraduate level will be able to apply for education. Those who want to attend the training will be able to attend Antalya Kepez Mah. He will be able to apply personally to his address in Antalya Bulvarı No: 10. also is by sending a CV to Students will be able to apply by uploading their CV to / cv upload section.

Applications will be evaluated between 11-19 May. Following the signing of the on-the-job training protocol with İŞKUR, the accepted candidates will start the 4 training in June. Training will end on 19 2015 November.

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