Highway road to Alanya

Motorway solution to Alanya road: The problem of transportation between Antalya and Alanya, which has turned into a road of ordeal in summer months, will be exceeded by highway. The project has reached the tender stage
With the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, being the first candidate for deputy from Antalya, the eyes were turned into transportation projects in Antalya. Antalya-Alanya highway is one of the first projects that come to mind. Expectations have increased with the coming of good news from both Lütfi Elvan and Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel. SABAH Akdeniz has reached the details of the project.
In the highway project that will solve the transportation problem between Antalya and Alanya, the critical turnover was exceeded. The highway project is expected to be awarded this year. With the project that will be realized by Build, Operate and Transfer model, the road between Antalya and Alanya will fall to 1 hours 20 minutes. The problem of transportation between Antalya and Alanya, which has now become gangrene, will be solved by the highway.
Turkey's busiest tourism activities with transportation to the hotel from the airport in the town of Alanya, tour buses and staff vehicles is going to snarl traffic in the summer season also added. Traffic on the Antalya-Alanya road, which is the scene of 50 thousand vehicle passes daily, has become a big problem. Due to the residential areas developing along the road, there are nearly 60 traffic lights on the Alanya road, which returns to the city transportation.
Details of the motorway project, the investment cost of which is about $ 3 billion dollars, also appeared. The 156 motorway project includes a total of 10 tunnels. The total length of the tunnels reaches 22 bin 410 meters. The project also features a total of 10 thousand 902-meter 25 viaducts. Thus, the 156 kilometer of the 33 kilometer will pass through tunnels or viaducts.
In addition to the Antalya-Alanya highway, there are 2 other highway projects in the region. With the completion of all 3 stages, Alanya will be connected to İzmir and Afyonkarahisar by the highway. The tender for the Antalya-Afyonkarahisar and Burdur-Denizli highway projects is planned to be launched in 2016. Antalya-Afyonkarahisar highway project has 18 viaducts and 10 tunnels. There will be 4 tunnels on the Burdur-Denizli highway.



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