Governor Su investigates on freeway

Governor Su examined the road: Sirnak Governor Ali Ihsan Su, the construction of the road in terms of traffic safety Sirnak-Cizre road accidents will not give an opportunity, he said.
Governor Su, with Highways 95. Branch Chief Enver Yüce and Police Chief Celal Sel together with the construction of the highway in Sirnak-Cizre found the investigations.
According to the existing road, the distance between Sirnak and Cizre will be shortened by 10 kilometers and the new divided road is joining the Silk Road.
While the construction of the 3 700 meter, 1 780 meter length and XNUMX meter tunnel on the new Şırnak-Cizre highway, where the works have been hampered from time to time due to the landslide that occurred on the two kilometers of the road, the viaduct that will provide transportation between the tunnels will be completed. progress.
Highways officials received information about the work of the Governor Su, landslide and accelerate the work in the section of the contractor has instructed the authorities to finish the road in a short time.
On the other hand, Governor Su, the nomads he encountered on the road during the investigation sohbet and gave toys to the children.
Governor Su, Highways 95. After the visit to the Branch Chief, he said that the work is underway to finish the new road as soon as possible.
Stating that the tunnels on the route are about to be finished, Governor Su said, “The process of getting the tunnels ready continues. The piles of the viaduct, which is under construction, have been driven and the legs of the upper decks will be built. The contractor company continues to work on the landslide in the two-kilometer section. "We will do it all together so that our path is finished as soon as possible."
"Our new road will be a road that does not allow accidents in terms of traffic safety"
Governor Su, referring to the benefits of the new road in terms of traffic safety, said:
“Our new road will firstly shorten the distance between Şırnak and Cizre. As you know, the new road is double. It is a way that will enable our citizens to travel between Şırnak and Cizre much faster. Our current road runs through our villages and towns. In this sense, our new road will be a road that does not allow accidents in terms of traffic safety. A much safer way.

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