Cost of Logistics in International Transport Table (Video)

International Transport Logistics Costs Table was invested in: the boss of international transportation, and Turkey met in Ankara in order to increase the share of logistics in the international trade market.

International transport bosses, and Turkey met in Ankara in order to increase the share of logistics in the international trade market. Ankara Logistics Base Chairman Erhan Gündüz stated that there is a 100 lira tyracet and a minimum logistics cost of 20 lira in exports. These costs should be reduced for more exports. At the Ankara Logistics Base, with the participation of the carriers, the Dean and faculty members of the Atılım University International Trade and Logistics Department, students, students, Deputy Undersecretaries of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications came together in the panel of 'Logistics in Foreign Trade, Ankara in Logistics'. Turkey's international trade of what should be done to improve the competitiveness and Ankara share more of how the issues of the panel discussion can be increased modaratörlüg Business Breakthrough University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Nevzat Saygılıoğlu did. As the speaker, Erhan Gündüz, Chairman of the Board of Ankara Logistics Base, Professor of International Trade and Logistics Department, Atılım University. Hasan Kaval, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Talat Aydın, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs Remzi Akçin, President of the International Transporters Association Çetin Nuhoğlu, Ankara Customs Consultants Association President Aslıhan Çelebi and Deputy Chairman of the Ankara Logistics Base Hakan Bezginli.

Noting that Turkey's economic development efforts speakers explained on the basis of foreign trade and exports, with exports a significant reduction of logistics costs checksum holding other world countries and discussed the conditions of competition. At the end of the panel, it was stated that the public and private undertakings performed their duties, the task and responsibility maps were determined, and the only problem was the lack of coordination. Coordination center also underlined that it will be created an important progress in the competition with other world states in Turkey's exports.


International Transporters Association Chairman Çetin Nuhoğlu in his speech at the panel, chose Turkey as the export-oriented development model. Because when you look at the region, there are about 2 billion people living around it and these countries have a 4-trillion dollar GNP with a 20-hour flight. In this sense, we always likened Turkey to a single stone diamond. In this sense, it is the center between north and south, east and west. Naturally it is the defined address of the logistics center. When you look at it like this, it turns out that there is an export-oriented growth target, the development model has been established, and we have seen examples of this. 2014 growth figures have been announced, there is 2.9 growth, and 2.9 of 1.73 came from exports. So 65 percent comes from exports. This shows us that export-based growth is. The important thing in export is to make it advantageous in trade with neighboring countries. Now trades can be done in electronic media. Trade can be done in every way with information exchange visits. But unfortunately, since irradiation has not been discovered, the products that are the basis of competitiveness have to be transported there. We have a well-educated power. Our duties are done. Tasks are then related to coordination. Otherwise, the duties of each institution were also defined. The tasks to be performed by each institution, each public, the ministry, and each department will be defined. He said that there is a need for that coordination and that coordination should follow those targets according to the time schedule on this issue.


Erhan Gündüz, Chairman of the Ankara Logistics Base, stated that the main factor behind the development of the country is exportation. the more the household, the more production it makes, the more it produces, the more the family develops. The country is the same way. But in order for the country to make this export, logistics is needed. 100 pounds have a logistics cost of minimum 20 pounds within a trade and export. These costs need to be lowered for export.



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