Tekkeköy Requests Logistics School

tekkekoy logistics school
tekkekoy logistics school

Tekkeköy Logistics School: Tekkeköy Mayor Hasan Togar said that they would like to establish a Vocational School of Logistics in their districts.

Tekkeköy Mayor Hasan Togar and Ak Parti District President Yusuf Güngör, Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University. Dr. He visited Huseyin Akan in his office. Togar and Güngör requested the establishment of the Vocational High School of Logistics from the Rector Akan.

In his statement, Togar said, kurul During my meeting with Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University, I requested to establish a vocational high school or faculty. I stated that we are ready to provide all kinds of investment and support necessary for the acquisition of a Logistics Vocational School, which is integrated with the Logistics Village to be established especially in Tekkeköy. Our district will soon have the single and largest logistics center of the Black Sea Region. Logistics Village to be established here, Black Sea, Samsun and a very important investment for our district. We will also provide a social, economic and cultural benefit to our district if we can bring a Logistics Vocational School of Higher Education to our district. All the public institutions and organizations, businessmen, tradesmen, the people together as a single voice now a vocational high school or faculty is trying to gain our district. We are ready to put our hands on all kinds of issues such as space allocation, investment support and so on. We will bring the Ondokuz Mayıs University Logistics Vocational School to our district in a short time. Kısa

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