TCDD - THY Joins Forces

TCDD - Turkish Airlines Joins Their Forces: TCDD General Manager Ömer YILDIZ and THY General Manager Assoc. Dr. A collaboration protocol is signed with the participation of Temel KOTİL.

Within the framework of the protocol; ”Passenger Relations Training ele will be started for the hostesses working in high-speed trains and for the personnel in the garage.

Within the scope of the protocol in which TCDD and THY will share their experiences in the field of transportation;

  • A joint work program will be held with THY related units on YHT and gar staff training. YHT hostesses will be trained in ”Passenger Relations“, ”Team Resource Management” and ”Protocol Rules Y.
  • Turkish Airlines will support TCDD in training system development.
  • Ticket promotions will be organized jointly in the ticket sales system of both institutions.
  • Within the scope of THY's Miles&Smiles program, kazanThe mileage points that it adds can be used in TCDD's YHT and mainline train ticket purchases.
  • In particular where THY does not serve and on the TCDD lines, the transportation corridors combined with domestic and international aircraft connection will be determined in relation to the transportation to the settlements and the additional passengers who travel in these corridors will be identified with extra discount packages.
  • Both institutions will integrate the ticket sales systems with each other and will be sold at the box office, agency, interactive channels and tickets for both institutions.

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