TCDD - Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Port and Work Has Started

TCDD - Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Port-Business Negotiations Started: The 1219th Term Collective Labor Agreement (TİS) negotiations between TCDD and Liman İş Union covering approximately 26 workers at Haydarpaşa and İzmir Port Operation Directorates and Vangolu Ferry Management workplaces, It started at the General Directorate.

The meeting held at the Head Office Small Meeting Hall; TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem Kayış, TÜHİS Secretary General Yaşar Özgürsoy, General Secretary of HAK-İŞ. Osman Yildiz, Liman-Is Chairman Önder Avcı and other officials attended.

Speaking at the meeting, TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem Kayış, TCDD and Port - Business between the interests of the workers and employers carried out so far by taking into consideration and under the rules of good faith and concluded that the finalized. Kayis, "These talks will be carried out in the same way and I hope and hope that as soon as possible," he said.

Secretary General of HAK-İŞ In his speech, Osman Yildiz pointed out that they will undertake TIS with TCDD for the first time in this sector due to their participation in the confederations of Liman-İş.

Stating that they are actually partners with TCDD, they are just opposite the table because of their roles, TCDD's needs of the workplace, the confederation also said that the needs of employees.

Yasar Özgürsoy, the Secretary General of TÜİS, said that TİSD, which is one of the founders of TÜHİS, has carried out the works of TİSD, taking care of the interests of both the institution and the employees until today. Özgürsoy stated that they were very pleased and stated that he believes the process will continue like this.

Liman-İş Chairman Önder Avcı wished TISD negotiations to be beneficial to TCDD and Liman- İş.

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