Şehitkamilde zero asphalt work began

Şehitkamilde zero asphalt work began: Şehitkamil Municipality, with the end of the winter months of unpaved and unpaved road in the region to stop the work quickly began. Şehitkamil Municipality, which started a large-scale zero asphalt work in the area of ​​Aydınlar Neighborhood, will not leave unpaved roads throughout the district.
Şehitkamil Municipality, which has been continuing its activities in order to make Şehitkamil district a livable district, started to work asphalt again with the end of winter months. Şehitkamil Municipality affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs, first in the area of ​​business districts located in the Aydınlar neighborhood corrupted and damaged roads corrected, zero asphalt work was made. In addition, by the Directorate of Science Affairs of the Municipality of Şehitkamil opened in many areas of the infrastructure work with the completion of the new asphalt work will be started.
On the other hand, it is stated that all of the districts will be asphalted on damaged and destroyed roads. Şehitkamil Municipality initiated the work of zero asphalt in the neighborhood by voicing the Aydinlar Mahalle Muhtarı Salih Bilisik, Aydın We now work in the neighborhood of a large-scale asphalt work was initiated in our neighborhood. As you can see, the roads are renewed with zero asphalt. We are pleased with all services made by our municipality in general. Thankfully, our President is trying to fulfill what kind of request we have, and two does not. With the end of the winter months, no more unpaved road will be left. Our roads will be properly served to our residents. Therefore, I would like to thank Mr. Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, Mayor of Şehitkamil for his kind services to our neighborhood. Bundan



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