Road Construction Works In Şanlıurfa Metropolitan

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Road Construction Works In Progress: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction works in order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the city center.
Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality aims to complete road construction works with faster and high quality with Asphalt Paving Machine and Asphalt Paving Construction Machine which is taken for use in Science Works.
President Celalettin Güvenç, who visited the Machinery Supply unit under the Directorate of Science Affairs, stated that they would accelerate road construction works throughout the province with the construction machinery purchased from the State Materials Office for 1 million 683 thousand TL.
1 in the province in April with the weather improvement. and 2. he said. 160 thousand tons of asphalt pavement work will begin to make asphalt hot asphalt Guvenc, also on the rural roads of the thousand kilometers of the 500 way to offer service to citizens underlined.
Güvenç, who participated in the turnkey ceremony of the Asphalt Scraper and Paving Work Machine, which he bought in order to make the road construction works carried out throughout the province in a higher quality and faster, said: and we are delivering the Asphalt Scraping machines to our Science Works Department today. With the improvement of the weather conditions, we will make the first and second floor asphalting works, which will start in mid-April, and make it available to our citizens by making a thousand 1 km road and 638 thousand tons of hot asphalt throughout the city. We are also about to award 1 thousand square meter cobblestone tender. best wishes"
Usually airports and large concrete paving machine used to work Finish pouring concrete for the first time in municipal service areas in Turkey Şanlıurfa Municipality by being used in the way of concrete paving work group which is tendered. The paver, used for the first time on village roads, has concrete paving, compaction and straightening properties.
2 in the first three months of the year. Group, 4. Group, 6. Group and 7. The group started to make 278 km concrete road construction on the village roads, Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, 1. 3. and 5. The group will complete the construction of 148 km in the village roads and 1 in 7.
Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the rural areas with the work of the citizen is appreciated. The metropolitan municipality brings together rural areas with asphalt.
Metropolitan Municipality has been doing the road repair and construction work with 47 Tanperli Truck, 17 Grayder, 13 Excavator, 10 Wheeled Dozer, 9 Minibus, 8 Asphalt Dispirator, 5 Dozer, 5 Bucket, 4 Digit, 2 Tractor and 2 Foklift.



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