Five new vehicles participated in the fleet of Osmaniye Municipality

Osmanabad Municipal Fleet to Five New Tools Joins: The Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) by Osmaniye Municipality donated a garbage truck and a backhoe bucket with the purchase of the municipality two firefighters and an asphalt patch vehicle entered service. Mayor Kadir Kara introduced new vehicles with his assistants in the repair and maintenance facilities.
Mayor Kara said, “We are trying to expand our municipality's vehicle and equipment park every day in order to provide better service to our honorable fellow citizens living in Osmaniye, which is growing and developing day by day. Today we are gathered here to promote our new vehicles that we have included in our machine park. First of all, we will put our new asphalt patch vehicles, which we have recently built, with a large fire truck and a garbage vehicle donated to our municipality by TBB, and a scoop, in order to serve our fellow Osmaniye citizens in better conditions. In the coming period, we hope that we will progress rapidly towards becoming a stronger municipality, with the aim of continuing the services of our Osmaniyiye, which has expanded our vehicle park further, and continues to grow rapidly. ” said. Stating that there is a need to intervene in the fires in Zorkun in the summer months, Kara said, “Our vehicles will be put into service at the point of taking all kinds of precautions in terms of fire and property safety for our citizens living in the plateau in Osmaniye this year. My fellow countrymen ensure that we continue our services 24 hours a day with our entire team so that they can live their lives in better conditions and better conditions, and look more confidently into the future. May these tools be auspicious to our citizens and municipality. ” he spoke.



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