Retro tram crossing in Moscow

Retro tram gateway in Moscow: 19. 17 veteran trams, which have served in Moscow from the XNUMXth century to the present day, will cross the capital streets today.

Today, residents of Moscow will have a chance to attend an event where they can yearn for old times. 'Veteran' trams that have served in Moscow streets in the past centuries will cross the Çistiye Prudi Boulevard of the city.

According to the news of the Tass agency, 19 trams, which have been made available in Moscow from the 17th century to the present day, will participate in the parade event. The gate, which will start at 11.00:XNUMX local time on Şabolovskaya Street, will end on Çistiye Prudi Boulevard.

Muscovites will have the chance to travel in the retro trams. Thus, they will be able to see how the tramway system has changed over the years. Participants will also be able to choose their favorite tram model.



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