Menderes Turel announced, Channel Antalya Project is coming

Menderes Türel announced, Channel Antalya Project is coming: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, Boğaçayı Project, Konyaalti Beach Project, Cruise Port Projects, the world's richest tourists, the future of a dream Antalya said he dreamed.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel met with İsmet İnönü Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students. President Menderes Türel gave information to the students about their projects and said: “Service to the country has always been our priority. I have never taken a step back from the services I will render out of concern for the political future. Always 'Antalya kazanI said, 'You're welcome, Menderes Türel should lose. I entered 4 elections, 3 of them kazanI lost someone. I don't like the word impossible. Excuse municipality is not written in our book. We will come up with a solution. All our projects are for your future.”

Stating that employment will increase with the projects, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel also mentioned the following in his speech: “You will live in this Antalya dream. What kind of Antalya do we dream of? We are doing the Boğaçayı Project for you. Our crazy project. We want to make Boğaçayı as Kanal Istanbul, Kanal Antalya Project. You are our friends who are fond of art. We want to set up film sets where the world's most important films are shot. Why shouldn't Harry Porter be shot in Antalya? We want to move Antalya here. I love a quote from the late Özal; 'Don't be afraid to imagine. Work hard to achieve your dreams' We have dreams too.

We want Antalya with a Cruise Port, sports facilities, beach project and marina. We are dreaming of an Antalya, where the rich tourists of the world visit, where labor and wealth are high. All of these investments are for you. Everyone will get a job around here. There is wealth with investment. Without investment, there is no wealth. You see it coming and going to school. Our intersections have started to be built. Why were these not done for 5 years? Because effort is required. These things do not happen without working. It happens when I work. We call your city Antalya. If you see this city like your own home. You better own this city. "

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